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Customer Use Case Video: Scott Gladman on Connected Farms Starlink Mobility for Agriculture


Hear directly from our valued customer, Scott Gladman, who shares his firsthand experience with Connected Farms' Starlink Mobility for Agriculture. In this insightful video, Scott reveals how this innovative solution has become a true game-changer for the broadacre farm he manages - Gleeson Farm.

Discover how Connected Farms Starlink Mobility for Agriculture connectivity solution has taken productivity to new heights, optimising the way they handle daily operations. With seamless machine data-casting and enhanced real-time data analysis, Scott's farm has witnessed a remarkable boost in efficiency and effectiveness.

In this video, Scott Gladman offers authentic perspectives on the transformational impact of Connected Farms Starlink Mobility for Agriculture solution, showcasing the tangible benefits it brings to modern farming practices. Watch this video to gain valuable insights into the power of Connected Farms' cutting-edge connectivity solutions.

Together, we're shaping the future of farming!



What is Connected Farms Starlink Mobility Solution? 

Connected Farms’ LEO Satellite on the Move and system integration is a unique, portable connectivity solution using the Starlink LEO Satellite Network.

Connected Farms are excited to bring high-speed, high volume Starlink on the Move connectivity as a go-to solution for agriculture. “This solution is a game changer for production, allowing farmers to connect to high-speed internet anywhere, anytime, across their entire farm using Starlink equipment mounted on their vehicle, tractor, or machinery and integrated into their farm systems.” commented Tom Andrews, CEO of Connected Farms.

It allows farmers to connect anywhere, anytime, across their entire farm by taking the Satellite equipment mounted on their vehicle, tractor, or machinery.  This solution enables voice, mobile, and data connectivity, data-intensive robotics, automation, and intensive precision farming functions, while the machine is operational and moving.

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Connected Farms is enabling industry 4.0 for agriculture. 

What are Connected Farms doing for digital agriculture? Connected Farms deliver proven over-the-farm, wide-area mobile broadband connectivity solutions to enable digital agriculture across rural New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. By working with farmers, we have developed and practically tested on-farm a range of connectivity pathways that are both robust to withstand the rigours of farm life and powerful enough to deliver fence-to-fence coverage over farms.  

What has this enabled for farms? It has allowed farm businesses to begin their industry 4.0 journey. So, to list a few examples, our customers are adopting digital technologies such as remote soil monitoring, equipment and machinery tracking, real-time monitoring, precision spraying and farming, autonomous equipment, Agrobots, and drones for precision imagery. Ultimately, it has facilitated these businesses to realise more efficiency, productivity, growth, and future opportunities—critical factors ensuring the $100 billion industry target is achieved.  

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