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Press Release: Connected Farms launches Starlink Mobility for Agriculture in Australia and New Zealand.

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21st April 2023, Northern NSW, Australia.

Driven by rising input costs, optimising efficiencies on farm continues to become increasingly important for Farmers. Without reliable connectivity especially on remote farms outside the footprint of mobile operators, the adoption of digital agriculture to achieve these efficiencies becomes almost impossible. According to the recent Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry’s - National Ag Innovation Policy Statement relating specifically to the farm sector "digital adoption in the Australian ag industry is estimated at just 10%. A 3-fold increase in active technology users is required for agriculture to reach its goal to move to a $100 billion industry by 2030. Uptake of digital technology could create a $20.3 billion per year increase to industry production".

Today there is a major step toward that digital agriculture uptake with the introduction of Connected Farms’ Starlink on the Move services across Australia and New Zealand -technology that will truly connect the unconnected farmer.

Connected Farms are excited to bring high-speed, high volume Starlink on the Move connectivity as a go-to solution for agriculture. “This solution is a game changer for production, allowing farmers to connect to high-speed internet anywhere, anytime, across their entire farm using Starlink equipment mounted on their vehicle, tractor, or machinery and integrated into their farm systems.” commented Tom Andrews, CEO of Connected Farms.

The Starlink on the Move technology and Connected Farms system integration is a unique, portable connectivity solution using the Starlink LEO Satellite Network. It allows farmers to have a Wi-Fi bubble around their agricultural machinery, which boasts ultra-fast connectivity speeds comparable to fibre connection speeds. As a result, it is enabling farmers to embark on their digital agriculture and precision farming journey by giving their machines the fast connectivity they require to perform at optimal operational levels, such as during seeding, harvesting, and spraying. “This is the solution for farmers adopting the data driven future of farming”, says Matthew Joyner, Harvester and Application Equipment Specialist at Boekeman Machinery.

Scott Gladman, Farm Manager at innovative Mallee broadacre operation Gleeson Farm has been working with Connected Farms and using their Starlink on the Move system during their recent seeding program. “A lack of connectivity is a huge issue for us across all aspects of farming. Connected Farms set us up with the Starlink on the Move unit and integrated it within our farming systems prior to starting this year’s seeding, and it is a game changer – an absolute winner! Starlink on the Move will definitely be the way of the future. With data cast displayed to the AgLeader screens live, we can see right there in the paddock that all areas have been sown before we fold up and move on. “

It is important to note that it is not as easy as just fitting the Starlink unit to your tractor cab and switching it on. There are complexities around the integration of the connectivity layer with proprietary and aftermarket farming systems to get optimum results, which is where the agricultural communications leader Connected Farms come in. “Like all tools, to get the most out of them, you have to know how to use them correctly,” said Andrews. We have a nationwide network of specialised digital agriculture technicians with expert knowledge to ensure complete integration of farming systems, making the transition from unconnected to connected completely seamless for farmers.”

“We are very excited when we see the results and benefits the Starlink on the move solution is bringing to farm businesses. For example, it is allowing more accurate and reliable precision seeding so massive cost savings and reduced fertiliser use can be made through improved efficiencies. Most of all, we are thrilled to hear our customers ringing us, excited because this solution is enabling them to have the connectivity speeds and capabilities across their farm that
wasn't previously possible.” commented Andrews.

As a business grade solution, product support is vital to ensuring connectivity is available when a farm needs it. Connected Farms have a team based in country, across Australia and New Zealand to provide 24/7 service to customers who subscribe to their Gold, Silver and Bronze tiered service packages. 

This solution also enables connectivity for data-intensive robotics, automation, and precision farming functions, in real time whilst the machine is operational and moving. Field Engineer, Jack Rudd of Swarm Farm Robotics has been working with Connected Farms to trial the system, “at the moment we are at the mercy of underperforming mobile providers right across Australia. Connected Farms with Starlink can now provide high-speed connectivity at locations where that
was once inconceivable. This is a game changer!" 

As part of a digital agriculture system, high speed and reliable connectivity is essential to maximise the benefits when farmers invest in precision agriculture technology. As part of that digital mechanisation of farming the Connected Farms Satellite on the Move connectivity solution offers great value and above all - on farm connectivity expertise in support. 

Starlink on the Move for agriculture is available directly from Connected Farms and their selected channel partners in Australia and New Zealand. For more information visit: or


About Connected Farms

Connected Farms Pty Ltd delivers connectivity solutions to connect farmers and enable digital agriculture in rural and remote farming communities across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. We use a variety of technical communications solutions tailored to the farm’s particular requirements to achieve these – because a producer on a broadacre operation has different needs to a grower on a nut orchard. We are changing the farm connectivity landscape with LEO Satellite on the Move, allowing Farmers access to high-speed high volume internet connection, anywhere on their farm, fence to fence.

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