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Get the most from your broadacre harvest this season – with space technology!

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As the paddocks turn lush with growing crops and the first stages of harvest draw near, it's likely that harvest preparations and checklists are underway on your farm. Activities such as clearing out grain stores to accommodate the upcoming harvest and servicing the combine harvester may be in progress. However, have you considered whether your on-farm precision technology, and AgriTech are optimised to maxmise your harvest potential this season?  

Data-driven decision-making is becoming critical in achieving optimal harvest yields and productivity. The frustration of unreliable internet access and connectivity across a farm can hinder essential farming tasks, impacting everything from communication to precision and digital AgriTech.    

Thankfully, a game-changing solution, Connected Farms Starlink Mobility for Agriculture, offers a high-speed, high-volume, 24/7 connectivity solution tailored specifically for agricultural needs. It allows your on-farm team to have a Wi-Fi bubble around their agricultural machinery so they can have the capacity to transmit data in real time from even the most remote field on-farm. This article will explore the benefits of installing this innovative technology during your pre-harvest preparation and how it enables farmers to maximise their harvest yields and productivity.  


A Smart Investment for Pre-Harvest Planning. 

Installing Connected Farms' Starlink Mobility for Agriculture pre-harvest is a strategic investment that sets the stage for a successful harvest season. By having the units ready to go before the critical stages of harvest, when you and your team may be working all day and night, you are ensuring you have seamless access to real-time data throughout the entire harvest cycle. This data-driven approach allows for better planning, resource allocation, and decision-making, increasing operational efficiencies and higher yields. 


Enabling Precision Agriculture. 

Precision agriculture technologies have revolutionized modern farming by enabling targeted and optimised resource usage. Pre-harvest installation of Connected Farms fully supported Starlink Mobility takes precision agriculture to the next level by providing continuous and reliable connectivity to all precision-enabled farm machinery. With real-time access to RTK corrections and yield mapping, you and your team can achieve unparalleled accuracy during harvest, resulting in reduced waste and maximised productivity. 


Leveraging Real-Time Data for Informed Decision-making. 

Farmers face critical decisions regarding spraying schedules, moisture content, fertiliser application, and pest management during the pre-harvest period. Having reliable connectivity through Connected Farms Starlink Mobility during these critical operations allows you to gather crucial data from in-field sensors, precision ag technologies, weather stations, and digital ag systems in real-time. Armed with these insights, you can make data-driven decisions to optimise crop health and growth, streamline operations, and mitigate potential risks. These real-time decisions help boost yields and plant growth now so you can enhance production well in advance of the upcoming harvest. 


Unparalleled Reliability and support.  

Farmers know that the success of their operations relies on the reliability of their tools and equipment. Connected Farms Starlink Mobility for agriculture ensures uninterrupted connectivity, even in your most remote and rural areas, allowing you to carry out crucial tasks without interruptions.  

We offer complete, 24/7 support with a team across the country; our mission is to keep your units as supported as possible so your machines can stay connected and operate efficiently all day and night. This support, in turn, helps your farm successfully implement digital agriculture across your operations without hidden costs or unresolved outages. Importantly, you get the most out of your investment and bang for your buck.  

No longer bound by unreliable or non-existent coverage from mobile operators, you can confidently rely on this connectivity solution to streamline daily operations and boost overall productivity. 


Remote Monitoring for Data-Casting Agricultural Machines. 

One of the most significant advantages of installing Connected Farms Starlink Mobility for Agriculture solution pre-harvest is its ability to enable remote monitoring and datacasting for connected machinery. This feature informs you and your team about each machine operator's real-time performance, location, and vital metrics. By remotely accessing this data, you can promptly detect and address potential issues, ensuring maximum harvesting efficiencies across the entire farm and minimising costly detours or gaps with the harvest plans and maps.   


High Data Bandwidth for Seamless Data Transfer. 

Modern farming generates vast amounts of data, from precision agriculture metrics to remote monitoring information. Connected Farms Starlink Mobility for agriculture solution high data bandwidth enables seamless transfer of this data, facilitating you to access critical insights without delays. With real-time access to yield mapping, weather data, and machine performance analytics, you can optimise resource utilisation and maximise yields efficiently. 


Pre-Harvest installation allows for seamless integration into your farming systems. 

Our solution is fully supported, including integrating the solution with all your existing farming systems, management platforms, software, and AgriTech. By installing this solution now pre-harvest, you and your team have the capacity to collaborate with us to preconfigure units for all your farming requirements so you can have a seamless integration before harvest starts.  


Enhancing Farm Safety and Security. 

Farming involves working in remote and sometimes hazardous environments. With the pre-harvest installation of Connected Farms Starlink Mobility for Agriculture, you and your team gain a crucial lifeline of communication during emergencies. Making phone calls, sending SMS, and accessing the internet from anywhere on the farm enhances on-farm safety, ensuring that help can be summoned promptly if needed. Additionally, the ability for your staff to communicate and access data anytime, anywhere throughout the day on-farm can provide an incentive for staff retention and recruitment, a valuable proposition in times of labour shortages.  


Paving the Way for Autonomous Farming. 

Many in agriculture see the future of farming in autonomous technologies that optimise labour and resource utilisation. Connected Farms Starlink Mobility for Agriculture solution successfully enables autonomous tractors and implements to operate at their full potential. With continuous connectivity, these machines can access AI, yield prediction overlays, data inputs and outputs, etc., improving efficiency and reducing labor costs. 


How the Return on Investment adds up for this solution. 

Return on investment is a vital part of the equation when evaluating new purchases for your farm and farming portfolios. We understand this aspect and are collaborating with farmers who have integrated our fully supported Starlink Mobility for Agriculture solution into their farming operations. They are sharing the remarkable efficiency gains they are witnessing throughout their operations.   

For example, this seeding season, one farm advised that their operation had achieved a milestone: for the first time ever, they managed to seed 100% of their vast 40,000ha plantable area and wrapped up their seeding an impressive two weeks ahead of schedule. The game-changing catalyst behind this achievement is Connected Farms fully supported Starlink Mobility for Agriculture solution, giving them access to real-time paddock data. As a result, their spraying program is on track to yield substantial input savings, propelling their agriculture practices to a whole new level. 

Here's another instance where our solution demonstrated a significant improvement in return on investment during seeding. When a seeding operator makes an inaccurate strip while applying seed and fertiliser, it leads to undesirable overlaps in the field, resulting in a wasteful doubling of the required seed and fertiliser. This misuse of resources can be avoided by incorporating onboard precision technology, which ensures accurate navigation and necessary corrections. However, real-time data uploads and downloads are essential to achieve optimal performance from this precision technology. Connected Farms Starlink Mobility for Agricultural solution ensures that your precision ag technology works at optimal performance. Improving fertiliser accuracy can save a farmer around 5% in costs per 100/ha in fertilisers.     

Many more such stories like these continue to emerge from our valued customers.  To form a comprehensive view of the ROI achieved by this connectivity solution, we are following selected farms from seeding to harvest this growing season to understand the cost savings they have made, the efficiencies they have experienced, and the results on their overall yield and productivity.  

We are excited to observe the results and benefits Connected Farms Starlink Mobility for Agriculture solution brings to farm businesses. It enables them to have connectivity speeds and capabilities across their farm that weren't previously possible.  



In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, reliable, high-speed, and future-proofed connectivity has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Installing Connected Farms Starlink Mobility for Agriculture now sets your farm up for success. By providing reliable, on-the-move connectivity, this revolutionary technology enables you to embrace digital agriculture fully. From precision agriculture practices to real-time data-driven decision-making, the benefits of this high-speed connectivity solution are undeniable. As you prepare for the upcoming harvest, investing in Connected Farms Starlink Mobility for Agriculture sets the foundation for a more efficient, productive, and optimised farming future. 



Who are Connected Farms?  

Connected Farms is an Australian-owned company providing connectivity solutions to farms across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Connected Farms was formed to specifically provide wide area mobile broadband solutions to the agriculture sector with the vision of connecting farmers and enabling digital agriculture.    

At Connected Farms, we are passionate about sharing our story and the positive difference fast and reliable connectivity has made to our customers' farm operations. For more information, visit HERE.  

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